Saturday, June 27, 2009

A True Story

It was the kind of event you probably would never miss out on; it had loud noisy band performances, weird theatre-in-the-park kind of thing, art galleries, booths selling second hand treasures, balloons and stuff. I came with some other guy friends, and we were chilling, laughing and joking about the number of people and rules of thumb. A few minutes after that I saw the humongous crowd and realized how you didn't like to be normal because of how ghastly boring it would be. I had second thoughts about my initial thought and thought maybe you won't come at all because there were too many people and you don't like that. Until of course I saw you, walking too fast with a deliberate purpose. You didn't see me, but of course haha seeing; that's what people don't do to me. And you don't see me in a crowd like this in a place like this but it's okay. You've ruined my night, is all. I had weak knees and I kept on looking for you; I might've annoyed my sister and the friends I was with. You came. Of course you would. You don't hate people; I do. I'm the misanthropist and I confused you with myself.


  1. great post!
    Though I do admit - and no shame - that I don't know whom a misanthropist is!