Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life is never complicated. It just flows, indifferent to you, your problems or whatever. You complicate it, man. It's you. Like for example, when you die, life goes on.


  1. Well, I think they compliment one another really. If there was no human then there would be no life to speak of, right? (since you speak of our lives, humans), and if there were no life there would be no humans...have a nice day.

  2. I mean life in general. When Homo sapien becomes extinct life would still go on in the form of unicellular organisms and stuff, except of course if it's qiamat. Just pointing out how self absorbed humans can be.

    And thanks, you seem to be the only one giving comments. You have a nice day too.

  3. Its not fair to see it that way.it is complicated but its the way we see things make it otherwise.If one fails to see things clearly,the others who can assist him/her should indeed help especially if he/she is a brother/sister in Islam

    btw im new here and you have a wide range of vocab if i do say so myself.