Monday, March 2, 2009

Everything was the normal grey everything should be. It was, after all, winter. The sky was grey, smiles were grey, cold and harsh. Determined souls braved the chill just for something else to do instead of squatting in front of the heater. We walked aimlessly, but everything seemed familiar, like we've been there before. So we went home, to the heater, to the stove, to the tv, and somehow an unease arrived gently on our hearts. The lights dimmed, the night came out with stars and fantasy creatures like draculas, monsters and unicorns. A silence swept past us. We closed the windows quietly, gingerly, shivering and looking at each other. We were both frightened, but only a little. We covered our icy feet with the blanket and waited until tomorrow when hopefully the sun would come out. Until then, we would always be a little frightened.

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