Monday, May 18, 2009

He has, like everyone, changed. In my mind he would always be like he was three years ago; aloof and distant. He used to think he never had anything to give; not even conversations. Click rewind to the first time I met him. He was a silent rebel; like me, he refused to join in the hypocrisy that was school. He glanced and I blinked; instant friendship. I guess in a lot of ways I had him waiting for me; for my feet to get back on the ground. I was too much in love with the sky, I did not see him waving back at me. Until of course it was too late, he has moved on. People say I made him speak, gave him voice. I say I made him speak, but not to me. As he crashes the wall separating himself and the world then; he fenced me out, depriving me of his smiles. Though now we are friends again; promises and late night phone conversations; I would always remember him this way; sighing on the ground waiting for me.

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