Wednesday, May 6, 2009


He is the headache inducing sweetness of cough syrup. He mesmerizes people with exclusive eloquence and beautifully crafted phrases; hypnotizing them into deep sleep and once he realizes the unimportance of the victim, he ceases to exist. At this point, his true colours show as opposed to his supposed deep side. He wants attention but runs away once he has secured it. He misses loving, but dares not succumb to it again, hiding behind the mask of temporary excessive friendliness to get through this caper of a world. His heart is fogged by doubts, his mind is plagued by paranoia. He embroiders his stories with smiles and endearments to convince others of his happiness, which in actual fact has been diluted by time and tears. And though I pity him for all that I have imaginarily charged him; I would never want to exchange words with him for his ever fickle friendship.


  1. Are you describing celebration? if so, then excellent, indeed absolutely fantastic, that is how description should be.

  2. Allow me the indecency of a rare polite swear. Goddammit, Goddammit, I never knew anyone could write like you till I saw your writing. Are you a Muslim? Are you a witch? Are you simply what??? thoughts flowing from my heart...Who are you??

    Mashallah tabarakallah

  3. Congratulations on making me blush :) Thank you all the same for the compliment, but it sort of gets me to the conclusion that you haven't seen much for I personally know many people who can write perhaps even better than I can. Plus inspiration comes from Allah so it isn't really 'me' you're reading. If you notice there are two authors for this particular blog - N & J, J being my older sister, so I guess kudos to her as well.

    As to the question of who I am, well, I am a lot of things at once, it's really unfair for me to just provide you with a sentence length's adjectives to describe myself, it wouldn't suffice. But yeah, I'm a muslim & proud of it. :)

    p/s: Alia Nadhirah's my housemate in college.

  4. well, as to your impulsive conclusion, no, I actually have seen many writers or at least read their writings, so I do weigh my judgement in the scale, you're not far off the mark.

    It's not the words that you use that strike me most, but it's the sense of flowing, and the unorthodox descriptions that hit me the hardest. Descriptivally, you are a master of the art.

    You may gain inspiration from Allah, but it is you who writes, in your own words, your own thoughts. No, it is none but "you" that I read.

    And don't worry, I am a Muslim too, and a proud one!