Thursday, May 7, 2009


1. It's not like he doesn't care about her tears. He cares alot for this girl, but he's a Scorpio. A true Scorpio is hard-hearted and ultimately secretive about his feelings, and that is what he is. This girl in context is head over heels for him, and is madly in love with him, though he never seems to return her feelings no matter what the girl does.
2. Until a day comes when the girl dies, he comes to her grave and tells her, "The reason why I refused your love because I have sixth sense. I knew you were going to die. I had a premonition. I knew I won't be able to take it if you're gone, so it was easier to pretend not to love you than to be hurt when you're gone".
3. That night, the girl comes as a ghost to his bedroom and chokes him to death. "This is what you get for breaking my heart, and now that you're dead, you can always be mine".

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